How to create a website in a few clicks with WordPress #NoCode

WordPress is the leading creation and publishing application in the World. Free of charge and Open Source forever. Maintained for a huge community of users, web creators, and smart developers that ensure you the best software possible for you to create your web without the need to learn or write code.

The easiest and no cost way to create a website is with WordPress, the leading application in web creation and publishing.

You don’t need to learn how to code or understand strange technological terms. Just head over to your favorite web hosting company and select a WordPress plan/package.

As soon as you sign up for your WordPress hosting plan, you’ll have everything you need to start publishing content. Just install WordPress with one click.

After signing up for your WordPress hosting plan, in just a few clicks you’ll have everything you need to start publishing content.

If you select our recommended hosting service, SiteGround, the onboarding experience is quick and easy. The first time you log in to your site you’ll find a wizard that guides you through the steps to create the cornerstone of your web.

In the first step you’ll select the template (theme) for your web.

Next, you can add some apps to power up your website.

And … That’s All!

Heads Up to your Dashboard and begin to create!


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