How to boost your SEO with Yoast #NoCode free app

Want to position your content in Search Engines but don’t want to learn how to code or to hire an SEO professional to show your products and/or services at Google’s Search Results Pages?

If you own a website build with WordPress, the best NoCode solution for creating successful sites, you’re one step ahead of beginning to master content SEO.

You just need to install the free app called Yoast SEO, simply as any other WordPress plugin.

After the install, You’ll be prompted to launch the setup wizard, which will guide you through a few answers about how to set up your’s site SEO.

After this simple process you can make other few settings to customize your content for SEO.

But, the most important features of Yoast SEO are the tools integrated into the WordPress editor, where you can configure SEO settings per post/page.

After setting up the focus keyphrase, the SEO engine begins to analyze your content to offer you suggestions for a better SEO.

To define the structured data for your post…

And, finally, preview your content as it will be viewed at the Google’s search results page snippets.

As a result, Yoast SEO is a great free No Code tool to achieve the best results of your content in Search Engines’s results pages.

Get the best positions in Search Engines with Yoast SEO

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